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We provide:

  •  Truly unbiased results
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The tests performed at Transformer Fitness are:

  •  Color ASTM D 15000
  •  Appearance IEC 60296
  •  Dissolved water content IEC 60814
  •  Acidity IEC 62021-2
  •  Interfacial Surface Tension ASTM D971
  •  Dielectric Breakdown Strength IEC 60156
  •  Dissolved Gas Analysis IEC 60567
  •  Furan Analysis IEC 61198
  •  PCB Analysis ASTM D 4059-00
  •  Corrosive Sulphur ASTM D 1275
  •  DBPC Inhibitor ASTM D 4768
  •  Passivator (Irgamet) Analysis IEC 60666
  •  Di-electric Dissipation Factor IEC 60247
  •  DC Resistivity IEC 60247
  •  Sediment and Sludge AS 1883
  •  Oxidation Stability IEC 61125
  •  PCB Analysis IEC 61619
  •  PCB Analysis AS1767.2.7
  •  DBDS Analysis IEC 62697
  •  Degree of Polymerization ASTM D4243

Transformer Oil Reclamation:
          After testing, some oils show that they are in very poor condition. This reduces the ability of the oil to perform its primary functions. In these circumstances the oil may need to be regenerated to bring it back to near new condition as described under IEC 60422 or IEEE C57.106-1991 standards. Using our fully automated reclamation unit we can regenerate the oil.

Our reclamation unit ensures:

  •  There are no environmental hazards
  •  The filtration medium is regenerated within the unit itself
  •  Effective removal of Corrosive Sulphur from the oil takes place
  •  Please refer to the table below for performance analysis.

Refer to the tables below for performance analysis: